The 4-leaf clover

Reunion is an island of miles and a face. A land of cultural, religious and natural diversity. Between seaside, rocky or volcanic coasts, its interior is a real discovery ground. We invite you to discover these different aspects. You will contemplate the highest peaks, such as the Piton des Neiges or the Piton de la Fournaise. You will enter the belly of the volcano (1st city), the caldera of Mafate or Cilaos...
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Day 1:
St Denis - Hell- Bourg
Reception at Saint Denis airport. Transfer to Hell Bourg. Day of "mise en bouche". From the first moments, you are directly transferred to the heart of the island. The steep relief, the diversity of forest landscapes and waterfalls, the architectural, agricultural, and cultural heritage of life "à la créole" prepares your senses for the rest of your stay. Visit of Mr Folio's hut. Free lunch. Dinner and overnight in gîte. 
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Day 2:
Salazie Circus - Mafate Circus
Transfer to Bord Martin, passage from the Salazie circus to the Mafate circus via the Col de Fourche (30 km for 1 hour transfer). You will discover the inhabited plateaus, the characteristic agricultural activities of the high of the island. We reach the gate of the Haut Mafate, a real belvedere straddling the 2 circuses. Each ilet has its own particularities and 2 nights are not too much to go to discover them. We tread the upper part of Mafate while we contemplate the lower part of the circus. This high and wild part of tropical and semi-dry forests passes through the "Tamarinaie" and its tamarinds, unique plant heritage in the world and contrasts with the capital of the Cirque, the village of la Nouvelle. Dinner and overnight in gîte d'étape.
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Day 3: La Nouvelle - Lataniers
Mafate Circus
This high and wild part passes by one of the 7 wonders of Mafate, Trois Roches to follow the deep canyon of the Rivière des Galets outlet of the circus A succession of climbs and descents at the foot of 1200m of verticality of the rampart of Maïdo makes you join the ilet of Roche Plate. Your crossing of the circus finally allows you to discover the bottom of Mafate and the potential that remains to be discovered. Several new routes are possible depending on the condition of the trails, in fact there you join what Mafate has best: the wild character because constantly rebuilt by Nature. You will reach the village of Les Lataniers contrasting with that of La Nouvelle: its location reveals human feat. Also the contrast is striking between the mass tourist development for Nova and the "rustic" agricultural character of the Lataniers. 6h30 to 7h + 600m ; -1400m.
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Day 4: Lataniers - West coast and volcano transfer
Rivière des Galets
Depending on the shape of each one you will leave either by the superb path in balcony of the canalization of Orange trees, or by a water walk at the bottom of the river of Pebbles.
3 4h+300m;500m.maximum. In the early afternoon, we take the road (100km - 2h30) towards the volcano. Small approach walk (2h + 200m and - 200m) possible to soak up this lunar landscape which can also be proposed the next day. Dinner and overnight at the Gîte du Volcan. (3 to 4 hours walking, +200m, -200m).
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Day 5: Piton de la Fournaise
Piton de la Fournaise
Ascent to the top of the volcano and crater tower (5-6h walk, -650m, +650m). Depending on the eruptions and the regulations of the moment, many alternative routes can be proposed, all of which have the same interest. The volcano is there, asleep, waking up or awake, but all the senses are awake: colors, smells, mineral substrate as diverse as unique, desert of dry or wet rocks... Dinner and night at the volcano's lodge or nearby.
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Day 6: Plaine des Cafres - Piton des Neiges
Piton des Neiges - Plaine des Cafres
Departure in the middle of the mountain pastures towards the Piton des Neiges refuge. This trail presents all the rugged beauty of Reunion Island. We blend into Reunion Island nature, crossing different levels of vegetation: high moors, swamps, humid tropical forests, sumptuous panoramas on the high plateaus of Bélouve Bébourg, Cilaos and the volcano massif and in the background, the blue of the ocean. Then we join the desolate universe of the high altitudes of Reunion by crossing the top of the rampart at sunset. The isolation is total, you are in what the island has best: its wild and primitive nature. If the weather allows it we assist to a real enchanting vision of the orange peaks cut out on a sea of cloud! Dinner and overnight in a refuge. Dinner and overnight at the Piton des neiges refuge or in a campsite. 
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Day 7: Piton des Neiges - Cilaos - West Coast
It is the morning before sunrise that the panorama at the summit takes all its amplitude. We begin the ascent of the highest point of the Indian Ocean (3071m) very early in the morning to admire the view of the island at 360° at sunrise, mixture of colors on the sharp peaks, remains of the old Snow Piton collapsed on itself. Return to the refuge for breakfast (3h walk a/r). Then we approach a " 3h to 4h drop on Cilaos. + 700m ; - 1800m. Afternoon free to enjoy the specificities of the circus (cellars, embroidery, alleys with creole huts, thermalism, various shops) or rest and transfer by bus to soak up the specific public transport from the heights of the island best suited to discover this famous scenic route and the heart of the circus and / or private transport to the West. Reunion Island can also boast a magnificent lagoon! Hotel accommodation in BB.
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Day 8 :
St Denis
Free day then departure for the airport.

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