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The reunioneese gatronomy


bichiqueThe reunion gastronomy is certainly one the most attractive of the region, thanks to ist melting-pot. Thanks to a great diversity of products, spices and indian, african, chineese and europeans influences, creole meal constitutes a real culinary adventure.

The most famous dish for the europeans is the cary, made of chicken or any other meat, fish or crusteceans. it is cooked in a spicy tomatoe sauce and served with rice and beans or lentles. However there are other dishes such as "the cabri massala", or "rougail sausages"... 

The creole table

The creole gastronomy is without any doubt one of the assets of Reunion island. The island of the multiple faces gets its "cuisine" from its human mosaïc and becomes of "the thousand savours island" thanks to the grat diversity of meals.

The fruits are tasty and full of juice ( litchee, mango, banana, papaya, pineaple...). Every good meal must start by an aperitive the traditional "punch" (rhum with fruit juice) or the "ti punch" ( rhum with a fresh green lemon juice or some sugar cane sirup) and the meal must end up by the "rhum arrangé" (rhum in which ginger, or vanilla, or, canella leaves have been left for scourging) and then a good siesta is recomended !

reunioneese are also found of beers and among others the "dodo" beer...the wines of cilaos are also a must.

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