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General termes and conditions applicable as from the 6/2/2010 Cancels and replaces the preceding ones .




The present general terms of sale are concluded graft the seller (See the legal information) and any person wishing to proceed to a purchase via this website, hereafter, the purchaser. By validating his order, the Customer states to accept without reserve the terms of this one as well as the entirety of these general terms of sale and states " and declare having the ability to conclude a contract with the seller.



The current general terms of sale aim at defining the contractual relations between the seller and the purchaser as well as the conditions applicable to any purchase carried out by the means of this trader site. The present conditions of sale will prevail on all other general terms or particular not expressly approved by the seller. The seller allows himself the possibility of  modifying his general terms of sale without notice: the applicable conditions will be those in force at the date of the order by the purchaser.




The proposed products and services are those which are presented on this trader site and which are accompanied by a detailed description. These products and and services are offered within the limit of stocks available and as long as they are visible on the site. In the event of unavailability of the product or service after placing of the order, the seller will inform the purchaser by e-mail of it: the order will be automatically cancelled and no flow will be effectué.3- TARIFSLes price observers on this trader site are heard all inclusive of tax (TVA+autres applicable taxes) except expenses of treatment and transport which is applied and detailed during the ordering. The salesman systranLinks,-71,-,100" id="ud_67">books the possibility of modifying his prices constantly: the products and services are invoicees on the basis of going rate at the time of the validation of the order subject to availability. The PRODUCTS REMAIN the PROPERTY OF the SALESMAN UNTIL the COMPLETE PAYMENT OF the PRIX.4 - SURFACE GEOGRAPHIQUELa online sales of the products and services presented in this site systranLinks,-71,-,100" id="ud_82">is booked to the purchasers who reside in France and for necessary deliveries in this zone purchasing géographique.5- COMMANDESL' which wishes to buy a product or on-line service via the site must systranLinks,-6,-,100" id="ud_88">online follow the process of order which includes a phase of identification, a phase of checking and validation of the products and services chosen, a phase of payment under the conditions envisaged and a phase of confirmation of order and regulation. The confirmation of order involves the acceptance of these conditions of sale, the recognition to have perfect knowledge of it and the renunciation to prevail itself of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions. The whole of the abundant data as well as the recorded confirmation will be worth proof of the transaction. The salesman will transmit by e-mail recorded confirmation of order which will be worth acceptance of the commande.6- PAIEMENTLe price is exigible with the order. The online payments are carried out by secure system so that no third can " id="ud_124">have " id="ud_125">access to the data transmitted to this occasion. The flows are not carried out that at the time of the forwarding of the commande.7 - LIVRAISONLes deliveries are made systranLinks,-12,-,100" id="ud_131">at the address indicated in the purchase order within the framework of the geographical limit specified supra. THE RISKS ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PURCHASER SINCE THE ORDER WITH FREE THE BUILDINGS OF THE SALESMAN. Any protest relative to a damage which has occurred during transport must be formulated by justified claim, whose copy will be addressed to the salesman, near the carrier, within a period of three days as from the delivery. The delivery periods " id="ud_148">are set to title codes and understand the treatment the routing and forwarding. The purchaser has a right of cancellation in the event of delay higher than 7 days, the refunding of the products or services and the expenses outward journey taking place with reception of the return of the complete order in his country of origin. The salesman releases himself from any responsibility in the event of inexecution for the contract due to a case of absolute necessity (strike, fire, flood…).8 - RETRACTATIONLes nonprofessional purchasers profit from a time of seven days retractation as from the delivery of their order to turn over (fresh of reforwarding to their load) the product to the salesman for exchange or refunding without penalty. The returns are to be carried out in the complete country of origin (packing, accessory, note…) allowing their recommercialisation at the state new and accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice. This right does not apply to the loosened immediately reproducible products and with the products personalized on demande.9- GARANTIESTous the products and abundant services profit from the legal systranLinks,-41,-,100" id="ud_187">warranty envisaged by articles 1641 and following of the Civil code. In the event of nonconformity, it could be turned over to the salesman who will take it again, will exchange it or will refund it. All the claims, requests for exchange or refunding must be carried out according to the methods specified on the site, with justified claim and copy invoice, in the thirty days of the livraison.10- RESPONSABILITELe salesman, in the process of online sales, are held only by one obligation of means. Its responsibility could not be committed for a damage resulting from the use of Internet network such as losses of data, intrusion, virus rupture of the service or other involuntary problems, like done everything qualified major force. The photographs accompanying the products are communicated on a purely illustrative basis but cannot ensure a perfect similarity in particular with regard to the colors. In case of doubt or for any complementary precision, it is advised " id="ud_220">to get in " id="ud_221">touch with the vendeur.11- INFORMATION NOMINATIVESLes personal information are necessary for the storeflow and the trade relations. In accordance with the relative law with data processing, the files and freedoms of January 6th, 1978, information in personal matter relating to the purchasers will be able " id="ud_229">to be the " id="ud_230">object of an automated treatment. The users have a right of access and of correction of the data with regard to them, in accordance with the law of January 6th 1978.12 - INTELLECTUELLETous PROPERTY the elements of this site are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of the salesman. Only the use for a private use is authorized. Any reproduction partial or total of whole or part of the elements being reproduced on this site is interdite.13- REGULATION OF LITIGESLes present general terms of sale are subjected to the French law. The language of this contract is the French language In the event of litigation, the French courts will be only qualified.

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