Formalités d’entrée pour Sud Africains, Indien et chinois

For the Chinese nationals, the visa application is not necessary any more on condition that buying a stay in the form of package (accommodation, transfers, excursions) from a travel agency approved by the Ministry for French Tourism (registration Atout France).
For a stay longer than 15 days, it will be necessary to carry out the visa application at the Embassy or of the Consulate of France.
Caution: For not being part of Schengen space, a visa for the Metropolitan France is not valid in Réunion.L' exemption of visa does not relate to tourism affinitaire: Chinese nationals wishing to visit their family or friends, without residing in a commercial establishment (hotel, bed and breakfast,…) and without buying package in an approved travel agency, must imperatively make a visa application 48H00, at the Embassy or of the French Consulate in China.


For reasons of a practical nature, we advise you to change your currency against the only currency used in the island, the Euro (€), either from your country of departure, or as of your arrival with the airport of Roland Garros at the bureau de change which is just at the exit of the air terminal, on the right of carpark.
Many banks and vending machines (Visa, Mastercard) are distributed on all the island. So most credit cards are accepted downtown, it is preferable to provide itself with cash when you envisage to go to visit the villages inside the island.
The systranLinks,-106,-,100" id="ud_1">cards Union Pay and American Express are accepted at certain places.
The VAT (8.5% in Réunion in 2014) and the service are directly included in the notes of restaurants and coffees. The tip is however welcome.



Local products: sugar cane (juice, sugar, rhums, syrup), fruit jams of the country, bourbon vanilla, coffee Pointed Bourbon, essential oils,…
Artisanal products: embroideries of Cilaos, basket making,…
Luxury items: certain French or international famous brands are marketed in the stores or shopping centres of the island.
To note: the bargaining is not practised in the trade from Réunion. Languages
The national language in Réunion is French but the local population will speak generally creole. English starts to be more and more used in the tourist medium.


Telephone code of Réunion: + 262.
Local operators: Orange, SFR, Only
The Council for your mobile phone: buy a SIM card prepaid on the spot.
Internet: possible but often paying connections in many hotels. It is possible to be connected in cybercafés, “cybercases” or “cyberbases” or in the media libraries.
Wifi: urban the Wifi network is under development. It is accessible on request in certain commercial establishments. In most hotels, a free access is provided to you at the time of the check in.


Water: the tap water is drinkable on the island of Réunion
Electricity: alternative course of 220/240 volts to 50 hertz. We advise you to envisage a multi-grip adapter in your luggage. Health
Réunion does not present a particular health risk. No vaccine is required to enter on the territory, except for the passengers coming from country where the cholera and the yellow fever prevail. The island is free from paludism but it is advised to guard itself against the punctures of mosquitos. The medical and pharmaceutical network makes it possible to on the spot get all the drugs and products of hygiene. Protect the children from the sun, in particular with the beach and in mountain (sunscreen, t-shirt with long sleeves, caps or hats, etc). Security
Respect the local instructions: in car: port of the belt obligatoireen case of bad weather conditions: certain activities could be cancelled or deferred for safety reason.
Be reassured concerning the activities suggested: Réunion being a French department, it is subjected to the regulations and European standards as regards systranLinks,-74,-,100" id="ud_7">security, you can benefit peacefully from your stay.
In general, remain vigilant and careful, of the pickpockets can prevail, even on a paradisiac island…


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