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Medailla de oro al concurso general agrícola de 2011

Última distinción: Medalla de oro del “VANILLERAIE” de Santa-Suzanne, de la concurso general agrícola 2011 para la calidad
¡de su vainilla producto de excelencia! Ver Vídeo + artículo
Palmarés de los medallistas de la concurso general Agrícola de la Reunión

Palmares productos reunionense al concurso Gag.pdf


Local producer honoured


Aimé leichnig, a vanilla producer in Saint-Phillippe, gets a wealth of honour for the quality, the respect of the environmentas well as his educational action and social implication in the bosom of his town, which also rewarded

 him awarding him the town medal. Priezwinner in may 2008 of the golden

trophy of quality in New york, he has just gotten the platine era of quality in Geneva in april 2009. Where the biggest compagnies compete for obtaining this recognition of quality at the international standard, a discreet reunioneese win these prestigious trophies in the general indifference...not for everyone, as Aimé LEICHNIG was awrarded for service to farming spurred on by Christine LAGARDE and the ministery of agriculture. The ceremony of prize-giving took place on the 30 th of june 2009 in the national assemblee, which is pretty rare. Congratulations !




















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